Manchester Evening News: Launching the New Sunday Edition

A mixed media campaign for Manchester Evening News to promote its new Sunday edition, aiming to reflect Manchester's vibrant spirit.

Client Overview


Manchester Evening News







The Manchester Evening News was to publish its new Sunday edition on February 10th 2019, to "reflect a city that never takes a day off". Our brief was to launch the new Sunday title and increase awareness of its publication throughout Manchester. One of our key challenges was connecting and incorporating the city's strong sporting links.



Our solution was to 'paint' the 2 sides of the city - blue for the City side and red for the United fans - combined with a generic yellow across the whole of the city, as a nod to the symbolic 'worker bee' emblem so familiar in Manchester. We used a combination of large format and digital sites, busy rail stations and bus rears to build reach and frequency across the city whilst promoting different copy across the week. This allowed us to engage with new and existing commuter audiences in ways other mediums could not match.



The campaign delivered over 1,331,000 impacts, reaching over 78% in Greater Manchester and resulting in a very successful launch campaign for our client.


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