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Advertising, when done right, is a highly essential marketing tool for any business; however, do you feel as though you are utilising all the advertising avenues that are available to you and your brand? For instance, when you first think of advertising, what comes to mind? TV, radio, magazine, online... These are all very effective ways of potentially reaching a new audience, but have you ever considered the impact of roadside advertising?


What is Roadside Advertising?

Roadside advertising refers to the display of advertisements and promotional messages in outdoor locations such as along roads, highways, and streets. Ranging from billboards to roundabouts, lamp posts, phone kiosks, motorways, and even vans, roadside advertising options these days are far more extensive than most people initially realise and have been proven to reach a far wider audience than other advertising mediums.


Benefits of Roadside Advertising

There are many benefits to choosing roadside advertising for your business including:


  • Wide Reach

Roadside advertising provides your brand with a wide reach as your message will continually be viewed by passing motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and also passengers in vehicles. If you choose your location wisely your ad could end up making an impact with thousands of people per day... Everyday!


  • Continuous Exposure

While certain forms of advertising can be easily skipped, ignored or muted, roadside adverts are constantly visible to those passing by. Whether it’s cars in rush hour traffic, a bus full of commuters, a mum and baby taking a stroll or kids riding to school, your message will have continuous exposure to a very diverse audience at all times of day. If digital advertising is your choice of marketing weapon, you could even select the optimal times of day for your product/service to be shown i.e. a ready meal company would benefit the most from advertising during the evening rush hour run.


  • Local and National Reach

When choosing roadside advertising, you can target your audience by choosing the geographic areas that you know will positively impact your brand. By carefully selecting these outdoor advert locations, you will be able to reach your desired customers in particular towns, cities or regions, ensuring that your message gets in front of those who are most likely going to connect with your brand both locally and nationally.


  • It Packs a Punch

Advertising needs to be impactful in order to drive that message home and resonate with the potential customer, and roadside-targeted ads are designed to do just that. With their bold colours, large images, clear, concise print and continuous presence, they are guaranteed to draw attention and leave a long-lasting impression.


  • Cost-Effective

Roadside Advertising is a cost-effective way of reaching a large audience compared to other advertising mediums and it has been proven to offer far higher returns on investment for advertisers.


We could talk about it all day, instead take a look at the various types of roadside advertising that we offer:


Billboard Advertising

Billboard Advertising

Billboards are by far the most popular forms of outdoor advertising. They carry unmissable advertisements that stick in the minds of passers-by for days, meaning that your brand can make an instant impression, getting your message across in seconds. 71% of consumers view and digest the messages featured on roadside billboards, whilst 26% of consumers have been shown to visit a website in response to seeing one (Source: Marketing Donut).

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Roundabout Advertising

Roundabout Advertising

Roundabout advertising offers one of the most effective ways of reaching a wide target audience including drivers, commuters, public transport users, cyclists and pedestrians. These types of sites provide a highly trusted and visible form of advertising and are great for keeping your business front-of-mind with local customers and visitors to the area.

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Lamp Post Advertising

Lamp Post Advertising

Lamp post banners are one of the most cost-effective ways of targeting large audiences in high footfall areas such as busy high streets, main arterial roads and at event/sporting venues. They can also lead to a x 2.5 higher recall rate than ground-level advertising.

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Advertising Vans

Advertising Vans

Digital ad vans are excellent for events or drilling down to specific streets (mapping out your own route) so that brands can deliver their message to an audience where there are no other poster sites available. This form of advertising is impactful as well as versatile.

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Motorway Advertising

Motorway Advertising

On average, 130,000 vehicles a day pass any given point on the UK’s motorway network. Meaning motorway billboard advertising sites literally have billions of eyes on them – making them a great option for many advertisers and brands.

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Phone Kiosk Advertising

Phone Kiosk Advertising

Phone kiosks are a cost-effective way to showcase your products, services and messages in prominent locations; they’re a great way to reach out to a wide target audience.

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How to Get Started with Roadside Advertising

How to Get Started with Roadside Advertising


  1. Carefully identify your target audience by considering factors such as their location, occupation, travel destinations, and more.

  2. Choose the cities, towns, or regions you want to advertise in based on your Step 1 results.

  3. Check out our available roadside advertising options and formats at Ark Design.

  4. Calculate your budget - What's in your budget? What's the cost of not doing this?

  5. Consider the start date and desired campaign duration.

  6. Contact our experts, who can guide you through the process and help you decide which roadside advertising will most effectively reach your target audience within your given budget.

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