Helping You Connect to Your Customers.

Want to reach an even wider audience? At The Ark, we will help your organisation thrive, both offline and online, by creating effective and targeted media campaigns that connect your brand to potential customers.

Our Marketing & Media Team have vast experience within the outdoor marketing industry, working with a variety of brands to help them build effective media campaigns across bus, rail, and billboard advertising, as well as TV, audio, and more!

Our team uses data and insight to inform highly targeted media campaigns to fulfil your objectives. We identify the optimum channels and right timings to reach your target audience effectively, enabling us to create media campaigns that bring you the best possible results.

Not every form of marketing works for every brand, which is why we work closely with you to understand your organisation, your audience, your objectives, and your budget. We always provide an honest service and will advise you on what will work effectively, and what won't.

No egos. No fuss. We just do it all. Well.