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We're an advertising and media strategy agency in Leeds that's all about helping you win. We work with our clients to ensure they surpass their goals and get a good return on investment. At The Ark Marketing & Media, we don't treat you like a number; we treat you like our partner in making a real difference to your cause or business.


Crafting Campaigns with Precision and Care


Bespoke Audience Targeting:

We take pride in being able to find your ideal audience with pinpoint accuracy and creating custom campaigns just for you. Our team uses the latest industry tech and our own special systems to create the perfect solution for engaging your audience at just the right moment. We're experts at identifying your target audience and timing your campaign for maximum success, delivering an ROI that exceeds expectations.


Strategic Independence:

We do things differently here. Big media companies often treat clients as cash cows, scalping profits off everything they do, but it is our goal to not be like them - And that's built into our business mission. We believe in making a difference, and that's why we take an independent approach to navigating the media landscape with your best interests at heart. We're experts at cutting through the noise and delivering your message to the right people at the right time, so you get the most bang for your buck.


Creative and Analytical Synergy:

We believe that being both creatively excellent and analytically rigorous is the key to success. Our team doesn't just use data; we disassemble it and analyse it with a level of skill and care that only comes from years of experience. This approach helps us ask the right questions and craft messages that really hit home, driving engagement at every point of contact.


Partnership and Growth:

Our clients keep coming back for more because we always go above and beyond their expectations. They see advertising as an investment that we make sure pays off big time. We only succeed when our clients do, so we prioritise building a relationship based on trust, results, and a shared vision for the future.


Innovation for Impact:

Innovation is not just a fancy word for us; it's how we roll. We use all the latest tools and systems to ensure our campaigns are smooth, transparent, and effective. We're not just a media company; we're the change-makers who want to make a difference in our community and beyond—that's why we often work with charities. From planning to execution to evaluation, we constantly push ourselves to create lasting impact.


Driving Change, Together:

We're stoked to support local charities and initiatives that are making a real difference. At The Ark Marketing & Media, we're all about partnering with you to create campaigns that matter. We're passionate about your mission and will work tirelessly to make a positive impact. Let's work together to create a lasting legacy of positive change.

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"Our strength lies in our diverse team of industry veterans and creative geniuses, all united by a passion for delivering unparalleled results and making a real difference in every project."


Meet the Team


John Ainley

Founder and Managing Partner - Media

For over 20 years, John was a Business Director for one of the world’s largest media companies, before which he was a director at one of the country’s largest regional newspaper groups. Having recently led the media strategy and planning for several of the CA’s campaigns, he has demonstrated his skills in using data to successfully target broad, diverse, and underrepresented audiences within the region, which will be vital in planning and delivering a clear media strategy for this campaign. At Viacom/CBS Outdoor, John previously led several amazing projects and teams to deliver for over 1000 clients and won multiple awards worldwide industry recognition for his work; this happened year after year in a very tough arena.


Rob Bullock

Joint Managing Director

Boasts 35+ years’ experience in the design and print sector, formerly ascending from Creative Director to Commercial Director at a top UK publishing group. Rob is the creative lead first and most on the account. He has led the concept, proposition, and creative development, pioneering a bold and innovative new creative look and feel to make accounts he has worked on and engaged with. Rob targets audiences whilst ensuring creative assets are on brand and suitable for multi-channel campaigns. Innovation and creativity are part of Rob’s DNA. Rob’s creative prowess will be pivotal in ensuring that his design campaign’s target audiences identify with the creatives and inspire its audience to engage and change.


Clare Wilkinson

Senior Account Director

Clare has over 25 years of experience in account management and client service roles across media and creative agencies. With a wealth of project/campaign delivery and account management skills, Clare will take full ownership of this campaign, including managing the campaign budget, critical path, project deliverables, providing monthly metric reports and post-campaign evaluation. Clare has successfully managed and is currently managing a range of inspiring multi-media behavioural change campaigns, demonstrating that she understands diverse audiences and the barriers/motivations to behaviour change, which will be vital in managing, planning and delivering a winning campaign that will not only reach a broad audience but underrepresented audiences within its target market and objectives.


Nichola Ainley

Head of Media

Nichola holds a BSc Hons and a PGCE in Education. After working as a teacher for 24 years, she decided to change careers and successfully transferred her skills learned in academia to the media world. With her extensive media knowledge and skills, Nichola is adept at strategically planning and managing media campaigns for several of our West Yorkshire clients. She has a clear understanding of the most effective media channels and sites within the region, which will be pivotal to the success of any campaign. Nichola is involved in media planning, buying and managing several campaigns, and has successfully targeted a broad range of audiences within the region.


Emily Outram

Media Account Manager

Emily is a highly knowledgeable marketing professional with a first-class BA (Hons) degree in Business Management and a master's degree in strategic marketing (CIM). She works with various clients to develop and implement OOH media campaigns based on insights and audience-led data. Emily has extensive experience in managing media bookings and campaigns, and as such, she has a deep understanding of how to effectively target specific audiences within the region. This expertise will be invaluable for the success of the campaign.


Tracy Eastwood

Director of Videography & Photography

Tracy has over 20 years of experience in Broadcast and Digital Media Production, including Video, Photography, Television and Radio. Her area of specialisation is Video Storytelling. She has managed numerous productions for retail and public sector clients such as Ritter Sport Chocolate, Bird's Eye, Heineken, Wellspring Academies Trust, and Invest Leeds. Tracy is highly skilled in using insight and creativity to develop and produce engaging video content, photography, and animations. Her understanding of how to engage diverse audiences and increase their motivation and capabilities to engage in a desired behaviour will be critical to the success of this campaign - 20 years of experience in Broadcast and Digital Media Production, including Video, Photography, Television and Radio. Tracy specialises in Video Storytelling and has managed hundreds of productions across a wide repertoire of retail and public sector clients, including Ritter Sport Chocolate, Bird's Eye, Heineken, Wellspring Academies Trust and Invest Leeds. Highly skilled at using insight and creativity to develop and produce engaging video content, photography and animations. Tracy's understanding of how to engage broad and diverse audiences- increasing their motivation and capabilities to engage in a desired behaviour will be critical to the success of this campaign.


Wendy Ball

Operations Director

With over 30 years' experience in marketing Wendy oversees design and print across the business from formulating timelines and scheduling to operational management and process. She has a wealth of knowledge across a range of media disciplines, as well as an Honours Degree in Economics and a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing.


Neil Bentley


Neil's customer centric approach and vast marketing experience enables him to effectively support and advise clients across a range of sectors, including Education, Defence, Charities and Federations. His passion for outstanding client service and quality production is always at the forefront.


Mark Wilkie


Mark is an accomplished Director in the business of supplying creative marketing solutions that really work. Passionate about growing your business, he embarks on every commercial venture with a dynamic, creative and personable approach to work that ensures successful delivery of results.


Nick Grantham


Nick has a passion for property that goes back to childhood and professional experience that spans over 30 years. Nick has an understanding of property marketing that is rarely found and his raison d'etre is to get the building noticed for all the right reasons by its target audience.


Brian Layng


With over 30 years experience of making the logo bigger, Brian is firmly convinced that what passes for "good" design is ultimately a matter of personal taste. Working exclusively on printed matter, his designs are notable for their strong use of colour and a clear call to action.


Joanne Spencer


Utilising a broad skill set developed over an extensive design career, Joanne strives to achieve a strong aesthetic. One of Joanne's key strengths is her keen ability to adapt her design style to appeal to the target audience. Her energy and passion reflect in her bold and creative designs.

Georgina v2

Georgina Smith


Georgina has a BA in Graphic Design, and previously worked as a designer for a charity creating print and digital assets. Her love of working with colour helps her to create bold, engaging designs with impact. 


Hayley Cullen

Head of Accounting

With over 15 years in finance, and specifically in the OOH & Digital OOH industry for many years, Hayley’s wealth of experience & understanding of the intricacies of the industry bring a detailed support for the whole team & all our clients. Her passion for the industry, attention to detail & love of a good spreadsheet, ensures a professional and well managed finance department.