The Power of Television Advertising

Television is, without a doubt, the most effective advertising medium. With the correct investment and planning, TV advertising generates the strongest ROI, creates more sales and consistently outperforms everything else.


So, why do brands choose TV Advertising time and time again? 

It’s also the most trusted – research shows that in the UK, 42% of the people surveyed stated that television is where they are most likely to find advertising they trust, compared to 6% for YouTube and 5% for social media. (Source: Television is a trusted survey - Thinkbox)

Although most television viewing remains in the home, on the traditional television set, viewing on other screens in different locations is now enhancing viewing and interaction, offering brands an increased number of opportunities to take advantage of the power of television. Television also positively affects other media, driving activity elsewhere, which can make other elements of an advertising campaign work harder.


The Reach of TV Advertising

Ultimately TV advertising has the power to reach a wide cross section of consumers. Advertisers have clear opportunities for customising ads and targeting by programme, channel, genre, time of day and more.

It’s not all about real-time TV either – Video on Demand opens up even more possibilities for scaling up through Advanced TV advertising. 17 million people use one of the broadcaster VOD players to watch their favourite shows at least once a week, and Sky AdSmart can reach 40% of homes – or 30 million people – in the UK (Source: Thinkbox). Advertisers can tailor ads to specific people – using demographic, psychographic and behavioural classifications as well as data-driven customer matching.


This sounds great, but I can't afford TV Advertising for my small business...

We hear this time and time again at The Ark Marketing & Media; that's why we have written a blog just for small businesses who are unsure if they can afford to run a TV advertisement campaign. You'd be surprised to hear of the different packages offered out there for hyper-specific targeting, which allows you to push your ad on TV to a small subsection of a greater audience if needed, vastly reducing the cost of the campaign.


Our Expertise

Our media team are experts in television advertising and can guide you to the most suitable TV ad opportunities to suit your brand, from seasonal sales to product launch. We can also create a campaign for you – from concept to storyboard to finished spot – including handling the production of your commercial.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of TV advertising?

The most effective and trusted form of advertising in the UK, getting your message out via television remains a popular form of advertising. With 68% of adults watching 50+ linear TV ads a day (Source: The Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board) and 17 million people using one of the broadcaster's VOD players – there’s no better way to reach consumers.

Television advertising is also an exceptional opportunity to drive rapid response for online businesses, with instant searching via mobile and tablet – making it the most effective shop window for e-commerce.

How much does TV advertising cost?

Television advertising is a cost-effective format, suitable for all marketing budgets. All campaigns can be planned to fit any budget and with our ability to target your customers more specifically, we can deliver a return on investment.

Costs vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The number of spots being booked
  • The predicted audience delivery figures
  • The duration of the advertising campaign

Based on your target audience and geographical area we can provide you with a fully costed proposal to meet your advertising objectives and fit with your budget.

Where can I do TV advertising?

The options are endless. From local programming to Video on Demand, your ad can reach your audience in their own home or when they’re out and about. Our team can help you target TV advertising in a specific post-code region or nationally.

Who sees TV advertising?

Its scale and reach are unbeatable – accounting for 38% of the average person’s media every day (Source IPA Touchpoints 2020) making it the most popular form of video. TV ads can be seen by all demographics – from live TV to Video on Demand. And most importantly for businesses looking to advertise on TV, it accounts for 91% of all video advertising that is seen.

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