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Outdoor advertising is an integral component of any successful marketing strategy. It can take the form of huge billboards or smaller posters - some of them are traditional paper formats - but in more recent times, moving digital advertisements have evolved to help catch the eye of passers-by.


We see outdoor advertising everywhere, whether we’re driving through town or waiting at the bus stop - it surrounds us in our everyday environment. 98% of people see out-of-home advertising each week in Great Britain (Source: Route 2020 research). This gives brands the opportunity to consistently deliver their message, at regular points in the consumer’s day.

Outdoor advertising allows a cohesive and joined-up approach, targeting a wide audience locally, regionally and nationally - whilst also allowing brands to build a relationship with their audience. Unlike audio or TV ads, outdoor advertising is an ‘always on’ channel of communication - day or night, it’s visible to those who pass it. And with so many new formats and innovations in out-of-home advertising, your brand message can be communicated more effectively, faster and with greater flexibility and accountability - to a more targeted audience.

Advances in outdoor measurement systems (for example, Route) mean that outdoor advertising allows brands to select the most relevant locations and audiences. Brands can get closer to the consumer, gain an understanding of their needs, be more inventive and engage in a more contextual way.

Another benefit of outdoor advertising is that it is ever-present at the point of purchase, allowing brands to place themselves in the same environment as the consumer when they are more receptive. This helps build brand desirability and recall.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Outdoor / Out-Of-Home / OOH advertising?

Outdoor advertising, frequently known as out-of-home advertising, or OOH, is advertising that targets people when they are outside their homes. This could be through a wide range of mediums, such as billboards, transport like taxis and buses, and just about anything you can whack a banner on, such as bus stops and even lamppost banners. However, as catchall as this sounds, it actually excludes adverts viewed on a mobile phone or other personal devices (even if they're seen outside of the home)!   

But if you wanted the shorter version, our definitive OOH definition would be: 

Out-of-home (OOH) Marketing refers to advertising media displayed in public spaces outside of a consumer's home.

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How much does outdoor advertising cost?

The cost of outdoor advertising varies depending on the format of sites, the number of sites and the duration of the advertising campaign. Our outdoor media specialists know how to create strategic outdoor advertising campaigns that will deliver your brand and message to a targeted audience, quickly, effectively and within your budget.

Is outdoor advertising effective?

Outdoor advertising is highly effective, and when planned correctly, can deliver sales activation as well as brand awareness. It is a key driver of web enquiries, and new data shows that 98% of people see out-of-home advertising each week in Great Britain (source Route 2020 research).

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What are the different types of outdoor advertising?

There are many different forms of outdoor advertising, the most common being billboards. The type of outdoor format that best suits your business will depend on your campaign objectives and your target audience. You will find more detailed information here (link back to the main navigation with all the outdoor options on it) on all of the main formats of outdoor advertising that are available.

How can I measure how effective outdoor advertising is?

Using our planning technology systems, we can provide you with predicted campaign delivery results, showing how outdoor advertising, alongside other media campaigns, can play an integral role in building brand awareness, broadcasting your message and driving traffic to your website.

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How many people will see my outdoor advertising campaign?

Outdoor advertising is unique in its ability to provide accurate measurements of the number of people who will see your advert and the number of times they will see it. This is done using Route (the audience research body for outdoor advertising) which uses GPS technology to track and plot the movements of people all over Great Britain.

Take a look at our short video which explains how we measure outdoor advertising audiences for our clients:

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How do you advertise on outdoor?

Outdoor advertising needs to capture the consumer’s attention and engage their emotions. If a consumer has a strong emotional response it will drive their memory encoding and subsequent purchase behaviour. (Source: Ocean Outdoor)

Here are 5 short steps to help you…

  1. Select the cities/towns/regions that you would like to advertise in
  2. Look at the outdoor ad formats we have available and select your preferred formats
  3. Calculate your budget
  4. Think about your start date and the duration you would like the campaign to run for
  5. Contact our experts who can help you decide which bus ad format will be the most effective way to reach your target audience within your given budget.

How do I plan an effective outdoor advertising campaign?

It is important to strategically plan your out-of-home advertising campaign and choose your sites carefully. That’s where we can help. With access to tens of thousands of billboards and outdoor media sites, from the UK's leading media owners, we provide our clients with a huge platform to deliver their message. We know how to create strategic advertising campaigns that will deliver your brand and message to a targeted audience, quickly and inexpensively.

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