Gilchrist Bakery: A Journey of Rising Success in the Food Industry

Our Strategy emphasised standout differentiation - Leveraging their connections, they secured features for Gilchrist Bakery on Channel 4, a role in a film, participation in the "Rate My Takeaways" social media series, and even a visit from the Mayor of Leeds to their York Road bakery shop, which gained coverage on Local Live news. 

Client Overview


Gilchrist Bakery




PR and Social Media



With a need for direction to achieve ambitious growth objectives and capture new audiences, Gilchrist Bakery appointed us to handle PR ventures and manage social media accounts.



Our approach focused on creating a clear strategy to achieve standout differentiation. Using our connections, we were able to secure Gilchrist Bakery a feature on the Channel 4 show Food Unwrapped, a small role in The Duke (2022) film, a part in Rate My Takeaways’ social media series as well as  persuading for the Mayor of Leeds to visit their York Road bakery shop which was publicised on Yorkshire Live news.



Since managing their social media accounts, we are proud to have increased their Facebook post reach by 200% (30,000 to 91,000 per month) and we have grown their followers by 265% (1,000 to 3,700) in less than 9 months.



Gilchrist Bakery Featured In THE DUKE (2022) Jim Broadbent, Helen Mirren

Gilchrist Bakery on Channel 4's Food Unwrapped Series 24 Episode 5

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