The best way to connect with 18-25-year-olds is in places they spend their time, such as student union buildings, bars, sports centres, venues and libraries. It’s here that they’re in their comfort zone and highly responsive to the marketing aimed at them.


With a wide range of media types available, all situated in high-traffic areas - such as foyers, main bar areas, common rooms and seating areas - your brand can interact with students who are making purchasing decisions, often for the first time in their lives.

With poster sites and digital screens in a huge network of locations – all aimed at the student population - you can target your advertising to the university, the city, the venue or a real-time moment, for maximum impact.

The opportunity to get a targeted message to your student audience is unrivalled. Advertise drinks promotions, forthcoming gigs, freshers events, sports results and more to a captive audience. They’re not only receptive to your message but potentially a new customer base for you to tap into.

Advertising on college, university and further education campuses focuses your advertising on a specific group of people. But these students also venture into local towns and cities so you can advertise in pubs and clubs on student nights to get your brand out there, taking your campaign off campus without losing sight of your target audience.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of university advertising?

This is the perfect chance for you to reach a specific audience of predominantly 18-25 year olds – in an environment that’s tailored to them and which represents their comfort zone. Students are often making purchasing decisions on their own for the first time, so your advert can have a powerful effect. Whether you’re advertising on campus or in a student-specific venue, you know that your message will talk directly to them.

How much does university advertising cost?

Advertising in universities is a cost-effective format, suitable for all marketing budgets. Costs vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The number of sites being booked
  • The predicted audience delivery figures
  • The duration of the advertising campaign

Based on your target audience and geographical area we can provide you with a fully costed proposal to meet your advertising objectives and fit with your budget.

Where can I use university advertising near me?

With poster sites and digital screens in universities, colleges and further education sites across the UK – plus student venues in the UK’s towns and cities – we can find the perfect location for your advertisement. Tell us which students you want to advertise to, and we’ll find the right spot.

Who sees university advertising?

Naturally, students are your number one target audience in university advertising. But you can focus on freshers, returning students, mature students or post-grads. You even have the opportunity to advertise to staff or parents on open days. So, if you want to promote a sporting event, drinks promotion, festival lineup, student housing or jobs fair, university advertising is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

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