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Boost Your Brand Visibility with High-Impact Bus Ads.


Both eye-catching and impactful, bus rear ads deliver an unprecedented city centre presence and work effectively within all budgets. Being the highest-reaching format, bus rears get your message across to nearly 71% of the UK in just one fortnight. (Source Route)


On average, bus rear ads have a 48-second 'dwell time’, exposing consumers to your message for longer and giving them longer to absorb your ad. This extended exposure, along with the fact that buses cross the city/town centre up to 16 times a day, seven days a week, means that bus rear ads encourage a direct response (call to action) and give consumers a greater time to remember details and recall of your message/brand. Bus rears will drive consumers directly to your website, saving you money on pay-per-click and increasing your search engine optimisation traffic - helping your brand become stronger online.

Bus rears are very effective for communicating with both motorists and pedestrians. With motorist impacts at 65%, it is the only bus advertising format that physically sits straight in front of a driver, giving your campaign unrivalled immediacy on the road (Source Route). A bus rear is a perfect size to fit a motorist’s windscreen.


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Bus Rear Advertising


Wrapped Bus Rear Advertising

Maximise Your Brand's Impact with Unmissable Bus Ads 


Big, bold and unmissable, Wrapped Bus Rears (Sometimes called Mega Rears) are a great creative canvas that will showcase your offer or service to pedestrians and in-car audiences. Wrapped Rears can be bought on both single-deck and double-deck buses.


Single-deck buses connect local communities, meaning your impactful campaign will reach consumers in the suburbs, close to their homes. Double-deck buses tend to spend more time in city centres, reaching active shoppers and commuters. 1 in 3 people in targeted cities recalled at least one Wrapped Bus Rear. (Source Dipsticks)

The impact of a Wrapped Bus Rear comes down to its sheer size. Standing 4 metres high (more than twice the height of a roadside 6-sheet) means that a double deck Wrapped Rear will not be seen by and only grab the attention of the car behind but all the surrounding cars and pedestrians, maximising your impact.

Bus rears have an average dwell time of 48 seconds, meaning that consumers are exposed to your ad for longer. This extended exposure gives the consumer more time to absorb the message and embed the advert details in their memory, encouraging a direct response.

Wrapped Bus Rears are generally taken over a 6-to-12-month period as they act as a brand builder and a direct response tool for your message.


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Why Bus Advertising Works - Wrapped Rear


Bus Side Panel Advertising

Engage Locally, Impact Broadly with Bus Side Advertising.


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Advertise On The Side of Buses

Double Deck Sides bus advertising works!


Wrapped Bus


Wrapped buses literally drive brands/messages into the public domain, and unlike other media formats, they are unmissable. Who wouldn’t want to see their company brand wrapped around a bus?


Being one of the most visually stunning and impactful OOH formats, wrapped buses get the talkability and PR that all brands seek, allowing them to stand out from the crowds even on the busiest of roads. Think of the most engaging centre-spread ad you have ever seen in a magazine and imagine it 20ft high and moving. Wrapped buses are simply show-stopping. 78% of the public agree that wrapped buses are not to miss, which is not just testament to the impact they have on audiences, but also how positively they resonate with audiences on the high street (Source Dipsticks).

Wrapped buses give a brand instant credibility and prominence. 71% of advertisers consider sharing standout OOH campaigns on social media (source Social OOH), whilst 78% of the public agree that wrapping a bus is a great way to launch a brand (Source Dipsticks).

Another benefit of a wrapped bus is that it travels mainly through busy city centres, often reaching places where large roadside formats are scarce. Wrapped buses reach a near 55/45 split between pedestrian and in-car audiences, making them perfect for all objectives (Source Route).


Watch our quick video on wrapped bus advertising:

Wrapped Bus Advertising

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