Bus Interiors Advertising


Sitting above the windows on the inside of the bus, these cost-effective bus ads allow you to reach potential customers whilst they travel. The average bus journey takes 39 minutes, giving a longer dwell time for your brand and message to be absorbed.


City centre congestion and expensive parking are driving commuters to travel by bus. With over 4.4 billion trips a year (UK-wide) bus interior panels offer your brand a communication channel to broadcast your message and reach a high volume of this growing and receptive audience.

Single interior panels offer commuters a welcome distraction and something to engage with on an otherwise tedious bus journey. With over 94% of the population having smart phones and most bus companies now offering free Wi-Fi, bus interior panels are excellent for prompting smartphone actions. Adverts can include a website address, location, telephone number, call to action and much more, giving commuters time to actively use their smart phone to engage with and explore your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which audience does interior panel advertising target?

Bus journeys become routine to commuters travelling on their daily journey to work, college or the shops meaning that bus interior panels offer multiple chances for the same people to see your brand/message. And with 11.7m people seeing interior bus advertising each week (Source TGI), they offer the opportunity to target and communicate with this large and receptive audience. Depending on your target audience we can reach any demographic by selecting specific routes and locations in the UK for your ad.

How much does a bus single interior advert cost?

At just £32 a panel (for four weeks) these formats are one of the most cost-effective ways to target the urban audience in OOH.

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