Bus Station Advertising

Target a Captive Audience with High-Impact Digital Displays.


Bus station advertising exposes your brand to a captive audience in a receptive mindset. With an average dwell time of 8 minutes, bus station digital screens allow consumers time to read, absorb and act upon your message.


These digital screens run geotargeted subtle motion messages, making your creative work harder on the LED display. These dynamic digital screens also offer a variety of creative opportunities which can be changed quickly and at specific times of the day, meaning that they are always relevant and will captivate a receptive audience in an unstimulating environment.

Digital bus station advertising offers the chance to engage a pedestrian audience in town for work, education or social events. The screens enable your brand to reach and inspire a pedestrian audience, driving interaction and impulse purchases. 

Bus station audiences comprise of young to middle-aged weekday commuters and weekend leisure visitors with medium to high disposable income, making it a strong channel on any media plan.

Demographics span various age brackets, from the youth market to the retired generation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I advertise in a bus station?

  1. Think about your target audience, who do you want to reach?
  2. Think about which areas of the UK you would like to target.
  3. Speak to one of our team who can help you plan an effective campaign based around your budget.

Is bus station advertising expensive?

One common misconception is that bus station advertising screens are only accessible to big brands with big budgets. These digital screens are affordable and cost-effective. Bus station advertising can be bought daily, weekly or monthly, accommodating all budgets. 

Is bus station advertising effective?

Bus station advertising is an effective way of quickly achieving significant exposure for your brand, as screens are located in key high-profile areas with heavy footfall. Due to the increasing numbers of commuters choosing to use a Park and Ride service, bus stations are becoming significantly busier. You can target students and workers going into and out of the city on their daily commute. And at certain times of the day, you can also target shoppers and those heading to the city for social nights out.

Can I advertise in specific bus stations?

Bus station advertising is available in certain cities in the UK. We can select the stations you want to target. For example, in West Yorkshire, we could select Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax, Dewsbury and Bradford.

What are the benefits of bus station advertising?

Advertising on bus station digital screens allows your brand to change copy and remain relevant to your audience. With the ability to specify precise time slots, your brand can target specific pedestrians at different times of day and therefore promote a specific message, promotion or event. Another benefit is the ability to have flexible campaign durations, unlike static 4 or 6 sheets.

Who sees bus station advertisements?

Bus stations are a hub for a wide mix of demographics. For example, Leeds is a hub for business and as a result, it is an affluent area over-indexing on ABC1s. Due to inflated city parking prices and congested peak time traffic, more and more commuters are choosing to use Park and Ride services-being dropped off at city centre bus stations. As a result, you can target an affluent, professional audience who have a more disposable income and greater smartphone ownership, making them more connected consumers.

Based on your target audience, we will choose a station(s) that is relevant and will allow your target audience to see your ad.

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