Taxi Advertising: Drive Your Message Home


Taxis are everywhere in city centres and are seen all around critical locations such as bus and train stations, airports, and tourist attractions. With taxis spending a whopping 95% of their time in the city centre, your brand is sure to get noticed by a massive number of consumers.

Passengers are a captive audience, even on short trips, providing a great opportunity to communicate your message. With mobile and social media interactions, your message will stick with riders long after their trip is over. You can focus on advertising locally by targeting taxis in specific cities like London or Leeds or go for a national campaign to make waves across the UK and beyond as taxis move passengers to and from airports.

We offer a range of advertising options, from full wrap livery to side ads, rear windows, and the backs of tip seats, so you can customise your campaign for passengers or passersby. Full-wrap taxi cab advertising is particularly effective, as everyone, including drivers and pedestrians, sees your message.

Why Taxi Advertising is Essential for Your Media Plan This Year

Taxis, particularly black cabs, are not just transport vehicles; they're mobile billboards that command attention on the streets of UK cities. Trusted by the public and integral to the urban fabric, taxis offer a unique platform to elevate your brand. With over 75% of cabs now utilising green technology, your advertising also supports environmental sustainability.

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Dominate the City with Unparalleled Visibility 


Did you know that:

- 90% of consumers report that wrapped taxis are exceptionally eye-catching, making your brand impossible to ignore.

- 95% of taxi time is spent in city centres, guaranteeing that the urban masses will see your message.

- 83% of people remember out-of-home advertising just before making purchase decisions, placing your brand at the forefront in critical moments.

Elevate Your Brand with Taxi Advertising

Positive Brand Image:
Vehicle graphics foster a positive image for 98% of consumers, setting your brand apart with lasting impressions.

Brand Recognition: With 98% encountering out-of-home advertising weekly, taxi advertising ensures your brand becomes a familiar presence in consumers' daily routines.

High Visibility Formats: The striking visibility of wrapped taxis ensures your message is prominently displayed and effectively reaches your target audience.

Dominate the City Center: Capitalise on taxis' extensive presence in city centres to reach consumers in everyday environments.

The Last Window of Influence: Your brand becomes the decisive visual before consumer actions, with 83% recalling out-of-home advertising right before making decisions.

Elevate your marketing strategy with our dynamic taxi advertising solutions and watch your brand soar to unprecedented visibility and influence. Contact us today to dominate the urban landscape and deliver your message with unbeatable impact.


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Taxi Advertising

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of taxi advertising?

Taxis are the ultimate moving billboard – travelling within a city, around the UK or engaging with customers from around the world – and visible to a wide number of people, 24/7. Taxi advertising allows you to tailor your message to holidaymakers, customers on their way to a show or sporting event, business travellers, shoppers, students and more. With a captive audience to read and dwell on your ad, for greater recall and enhanced interaction. It’s the perfect way to get your campaign out and about.

How much does taxi advertising cost?

Advertising on taxi cabs is a cost-effective format, suitable for all marketing budgets. Costs vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The number of cabs being booked
  • The predicted audience delivery figures
  • The duration of the advertising campaign

Based on your target audience and geographical area we can provide you with a fully costed proposal to meet your advertising objectives and fit with your budget.

Where can I use taxi advertising near me?

With taxi advertising opportunities right across the UK, you tell us where you’d like to promote your brand and we’ll find the taxis for you. From city-specific firms to specialist airport companies, we can tailor your taxi advertising to meet your specific needs.

What kinds of taxi advertising formats can I use?

There is a whole range of exciting and innovative formats available for taxi ads. From full wraps and side ads to rear windows and the back of seats – we can help you make the right decision based on the audience you want to target.

Who sees taxi advertising?

Almost everyone has the potential to see your taxi advertisement. Not just the passengers who have the luxury of time to read your ad while they’re on their journey - but drivers and passengers in all other vehicles and pedestrians. You have a local, national and global audience opportunity, too. Taxis carry your campaign far and wide.

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