Airports provide a unique advertising environment with an audience that is in a positive frame of mind and looking to spend. With consumers spending £177m in duty-free every year, you can promote your brand/message through a range of digital and static creative solutions.


Advertising at airports provides a welcome distraction to a captive audience and engages with travellers during extended dwell times with 71% of passengers saying they have time to read advertising messages (source: LBA). There are a range of different formats available within airports, with predominantly digital screens but also traditional poster sites and lift/escalator panels, wall wraps, lounge opportunities and car park sites.


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Airport Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions

What is airport advertising?

Airport advertising is the concept of utilising indoor and outdoor space and facilities at airports to target travellers with marketing from brands about products/services. There are a variety of different ways to advertise within airports, with a selection of formats and locations to choose from. We can provide you with a full recommendation of which are the most relevant for your target audience, and which sites within each airport will be the most effective for your campaign objectives.

What is the ad awareness at the airport?

Ad awareness at airports is very high – increased dwell time (on average 2.5 hours) allows travellers time to absorb and engage with advertising messages, delivering high levels of ad recall. 71% of travellers say they have time to read advertising at airports (source LBA)

How much does airport advertising cost?

Airport advertising costs vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Which format is used eg digital screens, car park banners, lift panels
  • The predicted audience delivery (footfall) figures
  • The number of sites/formats being booked
  • The duration of the advertising campaign

We can create a plan to suit your budget that will optimise the number of people within your target audience who will see your advert.

How effective is airport advertising?

Airport advertising is a prime opportunity for effective out-of-home advertising campaigns. 4.4 billion passengers travelled globally by air in 2019, with around 126 million of these being in the UK. Global air traffic is forecast to reach 14 billion passengers per year by 2029, meaning that airport advertising is a fast-growing opportunity.

Frequent flyers are highly responsive to airport advertising, with 80% noticing the media, 42% taking action after viewing the campaign and 19% making a purchase of what they saw advertised at the airport. (source Neilson)

JCDecaux also states that airport advertising campaigns deliver an affluent audience of influential decision-makers whilst they are in ‘business mode’. Travellers are in a unique mindset and are ready to buy, which means brands will reach a desirable and targeted audience.

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