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Exciting and creative, digital billboard sites allow you not only to target prime routes and locations but to buy specific time slots to capture your audience’s attention at the relevant moment in time. If you have multiple messages to promote, you can supply different versions of your artwork and rotate your creative on different days/timeslots.


Digital sites come in all shapes and sizes and in a wide range of locations (for example, bus shelters, student union bars, shopping centres, train stations, airports and in busy city centres) – making it easy to target your audience in the locations that you need.

Another advantage of digital out-of-home advertising sites is that there are shorter artwork lead times and cost savings on print due to the printing of posters not being required.

Some digital sites also offer the capacity for animation, video, audio or even audience interaction which maximises audience dwell time and interaction with brands.


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Large Format Sites

Covering major arterial routes and motorways in all the main cities including, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Birmingham, these impressive and iconic sites all have high visibility and create a huge impact. These prestigious sites offer stature, brand exposure, recognition, and provide advertisers with breathtaking domination of the area and skyline.


Recent neuroscience research proves that large, iconic sites deliver on the length of visibility as well as size and scale, driving impact beyond simple initial viewing alone. (Source: Ocean Outdoor)

These stunning sites come in a variety of shapes, sizes and specifications. Some are static, generally backlit and some have scrolling panels enabling multiple creatives on one site. Some are digital displays which give brands the flexibility to change their creative and be more responsive. With digital sites offering slots at specific times of the day or specific days (real-time advertising), brands can create campaigns that are super-targeted, taking into account factors such as time and weather. For example, brands can specifically target morning commuters, weekend shoppers or late-night party goers.


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Street Hubs


This powerful and unique platform offers brands the opportunity to get even closer to their target audience. These 3m tall digital screens, situated in the heart of major cities in high footfall areas, allow dynamic advertising campaigns with changing displays based on data triggers such as weather, travel updates, sporting events, times of day or days of the week.


Street Hubs are tall enough to stand out from the hustle, bustle and clutter of busy pedestrian streets, making them unmissable for eye-level visibility. With 1Gb of free, ultrafast wi-fi connection at each unit, along with fast device charging, built-in tablets and free phone calls, consumers are equipped to react straight away to the messages they see. These screens allow you to offer your product or service, in a dynamically interactive way, to a huge pedestrian audience as they are specifically built and positioned in the highest footfall areas in order to gain maximum exposure.


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